23 July 2014

the lutheran princess

here's a little bit about myself.  

i've been a lutheran my entire life, born into the church.  one parent is a retired lutheran pastor, having served multiple parishes over a 40 year period.  i grew up being the pastor's kid.  i'm so lutheran i graduated from a lutheran university and married another lutheran pk.  we have three kids that we are raising in the lutheran faith.  we attend church weekly and sunday school (well, the kids do, anyway.  our class is spotty at best).  some sundays our children are the only ones in church.  

this blog was borne out of the frustration i am feeling about the lutheran church at the moment.  the church is not the same church i grew up with.  not that i expected it to remain the same, but some of the changes in recent years boggle my mind.  

i realize that as christians (or anyone of faith) are flawed, but i see a lot of folks out there "not practicing what they preach".  it's these hypocrites that make me ashamed of being a lutheran, and make me question my faith.  

i question my faith a lot.  if it weren't for my faith in God, i don't think i'd believe anything at all.  but i try to keep optimistic that good still exists, and i seek it every day.  i know i'm not perfect.  i like a good swear word.  my life is messy sometimes. 

please note, these opinions are my own, and not of the national church or bodies within.  i'm entitled to my opinions and enjoy learning about other's.  if i'm wrong, please enlighten me.  i'm always open to learning something new.  i have only one request (in the immortal words of wil wheaton) - don't be a dick.  i'll do the same.